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Default view in Flexlogger TDMS viewer

I have a question about the FlexLogger – TDMS viewer:


When we open a .tdms file the default view in the TDMS viewer is opened. The default view is a split view with:

  • a graph at the upper side
  • a table at the lower side

It does not open with a trend pen in it, we have to drag it from the list into the graph.


We would like to turn the default view into a spilt view with:

  • a graph at the upper side, with a-axis range of 0…600 kPa
  • a graph at the lower side, with a y-axis range of 0…50 m3/h


Is there any possibility to change the default view in FlexLogger TDMD viewer, which is used every time an newly logged file is opened?

Is it also possible to drag a trend pen in it?

If not, does NI sell an application that has the capability to change and store this, enabling us to open each tdms file with a custom set default view?

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Hi Wimbos,


NI's best solution for TDMS file is NI Diadem.

With Diadem you'll have all the tools to treat the data stored in a TDMS files (and many more file types). You can also create scripts to create 'reports' that extract data from a TDMS and display them always in the same way.


Otherwise, integrators like us, can create custom data analysis SW programs to fit your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact me here if such option is possible on your side.

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Hi CyCa,


Thanks a lot for your quick reply! We will investigate the option to purchase NI Diadem. 


Kind regards,


Wim Bos.

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