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Can't Load Project After Crash

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A test-in-process crashed while I was editing a screen. Now when I try to open the project FlexLogger seems to hang. There are two pop-ups that open immediately upon opening the project: one informing the project is being loaded, and another asking whether I'd like to try to keep or abandon the test in process. It appears the "Loading Project" dialog is modal and I cannot perform any other actions in FlexLogger until it clears - however after hours it has not cleared.


Any suggestions on how I can recover my project? Losing the test-in-process data is undesirable but acceptable.




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Open Task Manager and see if you have a NationalInstruments.IoDataPef.Engine.exe running. If so, you can kill it and this will stop any on going logging that was happening. Then oyu should be able to open FlexLogger without issues.

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This solved the issue.

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