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Announcing FlexLogger 2022 Q2

FlexLogger 2022 Q2 is out now and available for download! This revision is focused on new usability features.


Key updates include:


  • Test ECUs using A2L databases that rely on the CAN Calibration Protocol (CCP).
  • Set XNET output values outside of the minimum and maximum limits configured in your database so you can test the robustness of your ECUs.
  • Deactivate logging on specific channels. In the Channel Specification, hover over a channel and click Disable logging, FlexLogger will no longer bold this channel in the display.
  • Scale the electrical values of a device to the physical units of a sensor using value-dependent scaling factors. Select Table as the scaling type and specify multiple electrical values and their corresponding physical values.
  • Performance improvements seeing an up to 50% reduced RAM usage on specific projects


Refer to Supported Hardware for specific model support information.

For additional information, view the Manual.

Group Manager
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Does FlexLogger support Windows Server?

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Is XCP and calibration supported? My customer is able to do all of these plus datalogging with NI hardware within CANape.


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XCP measurements are already supported in FlexLogger; we just didn't support CCP measurements until the latest release.


FlexLogger currently does not support the calibration features of the NI ECU Measurement & Calibration Toolkit, which is exposed through the Characteristics API.  You could use this API in a separate application written in LabVIEW or C to perform your ECU calibration as a workaround.  Is the calibration functionality something your customer needs integrated into FlexLogger?


Kris Klemett

Section Manager


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We didn't go deep into the conversation but its certainly a "nice to have" . I don't know how exactly they perform the calibration so I think a better idea is to let the customer or system integrators to add this feature using the SDK. 


Thanks for the workaround suggestion but they already can control the NI hardware and Vector calibration using CANape, it would be a very tough sell. 

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Is there the ability to save/export a project to a previous version? E.g. 2022 to 2021 or similar?


Keith @ AMS

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