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Announcing FlexLogger 2020 R4


FlexLogger 2020 R4 is now released and available for download!


FlexLogger 2020 R4 introduces new hardware support for PXIe X Series Multifunction I/O modules, multi-chassis synchronization for PXIe chassis with the Timing & Sync Upgrade feature, and access to CompactDAQ chassis counters as a preview feature.

We’ve also introduced various software features, including new variable channels that are used to store constant values for use in calculations, plugins, and more.



What's New in FlexLogger 2020 R4


New Hardware Support:

  • PXIe Multifunction I/O support for X Series devices (PXIe-63XX), for all analog and digital I/O. Counter support for Multifunction I/O will come in a later release.
  • PXI Multi-Chassis synchronization for the PXIe-1084, PXIe-1092, and PXIe-1095 chassis with External Trigger Access.
  • A new preview feature gives users access to the onboard counters in CompactDAQ Chassis. You can access these through parallel


Variable Channels:

You can now create variable channels, allowing you to store constant values for use in calculations, plugins, and more.




SystemLink Cloud Preview Support:

This release introduces a preview feature allowing customers to publish their tags and data logs to the SystemLink Cloud.

The SystemLink Cloud is hosted by NI, and is a quick and affordable way for users to share and interact with their data. Learn more about the SystemLink Cloud here.




Additional Features:

  • We have created Python examples to interact with FlexLogger using the SystemLink Tag API. Examples of interaction include starting or stopping FlexLogger tests and reading/writing channels. You need FlexLogger and Python installed. Details here.
  • Devices with a Delta-Sigma ADC (most 24-bit modules) that support downsampling can now use an anti-aliased filter to downsample at 100Hz. Details here.
  • The FlexLogger logo and splash screen have changed! Check out our new look.


Note: FlexLogger 2020 R4 solves a critical bug that impacts FlexLogger 2020 R1, R2, and R3. Impacted users should upgrade to FlexLogger 2020 R4.



Learn more about these and other new features with the FlexLogger Manual, and download the latest version from ni.com.




Derek B. (esoDerek)
Product Marketing Engineer
National Instruments
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