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Analog Output Compact DAQ

I have Flexlogger with the following hardware:

- cDAQ-9174

- NI 9263

I would like to trigger 10v output 10 seconds after the log has started. Is this possible with Flexlogger?

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Currently, this is sort of possible in FlexLogger. FlexLogger publishes an "Is Logging" boolean Skyline tag that can be read from LabVIEW (see here for more information on how to do this). This would require you to write a VI that would be running in parallel, determine when FlexLogger starts logging using this tag, and then you could set your 10 V output channel in FlexLogger from the LabVIEW VI after 10 seconds had elapsed. However, it is worth noting that this logging boolean could have several seconds of lag, so if your 10 second requirement is quite strict, this probably won't give you the accuracy you're looking for.



The upcoming release of FlexLogger will be adding an events feature, allowing you to change output channel settings on the fly. The first iteration of this feature will only support event triggering based on channel value, but we are looking at adding support for time-based event triggers in the future. We are balancing this feature with other implementation priorities, so having a better understanding of your application/system needs would be helpful for us to prioritize this feature alongside other ongoing efforts. With this in mind, maybe you could tell us a little more about your system. For example, why 10 seconds? What is the 10 V output doing? What are you testing?

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Thanks for the reply! to address your questions:

I have a simple test setup right now that requires a triggering by the operator to initiate. So, I will start the data logging then flip the start switch on the test system. I thought if I could just have the flexlogger output an analog signal a few seconds after the log has started it could just initiate the test too. Just being a quality of life improvement the timing requirement is not strict

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