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zero output from fieldpoint read vi

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I'm new to this forum and to Labview so bear with me.  I'm running Labview 2010 on a windows 7 computer. I'm directly connected to a cFP 1808 (ethernet crossover cable with static IP) and trying to read data from an AI-100 module. I see my system in Data Neighborhood and Remote System in MAX. I have configured two inputs in MAX, channel 0 and channel 1 for voltage, ranges 0-18 and 0-36. I can test the data in MAX and get appropriate data.

In Labview, I drag a channel from MAX to the block diagram and wire the value terminal to a gauge indicator. The gauge is in a while loop. The VI runs without an apparent error, but the  value is 00+0E. I suspect I am missing some simple setting or step in my code or MAX configuration but can't figure out what it is. If this isn't obvious what I am doing wrong from my description, I will post the VI at a later date. Unfortunately I am away from the system as I write this. Thanks for the help.

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Hi there,


Just to double check, do you have LabVIEW Real-time 2010 and Fieldpoint driver installed on your computer? you need to have installed those softwares and Fieldpoint driver must be at least 6.0.7 to 6.0.12, you can take a look to this document.


When you create a LabVIEW project and you add the device (right click under Project >> new >> target and devices and you select your device), did you create the VI under your fieldPoint device?


Please let me know how it goes, 



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Got it figured out. I had the wrong configuration file in the project. I went to the project tree and imported the .iak file I had saved in MAX, then dragged and dropped the Fieldpoint from the project tree onto the block diagram. Finally sucess! There are probably better ways to do this, I'll learn, it's a start. Thanks for your reply. I do have the most current Fieldpoint drivers loaded. I'm sure I'll be back with more questions when things get more complex.

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