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what are the limitations of using labview 8.5.1 developers suite verses a real-time module in field point applications?


Thanks for the definition. I had looked in a dictionary and the definition was couched in terms of a philosophical began to sound like quantum mechanics. I get it now. I found some more "knowledge papers" which added to my understanding. I even found a slide show on R-T Timed Loops which has enough volume to be heard.

Just one more point of understanding; I gather that a R-T module on a PC would allow deterministic timed loops to drive multiple cFP units via ethernet connections or a R-T program could be loaded onto a cFP controller which could also run other properly configured cFP controllers/modules without a PC. One advantage would be removing the PC from the actual running of the program; it would then act as a monitor for data queries and a possible location for data downloads. But, some cost could be saved if an embedded R-T controller could be replaced by an ethernet expansion I/O backplane.

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The catch is that ethernet is not deterministic.

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AnalogKid, It is possible, but not likely. We desire to minimize cabling for this test stand. Also, we intend to master cFP so that we could integrate the technology with other more complicated test stands. Thanks!
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