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vi startup.exe at cFP-2010 don't starts alone

I'm developing a vi for cFP-2010. When I target cFP the program works, but when I try make startup.exe and make it work alone it doesn't.
I'm using ABCD LEDS for indicate an event, and the leds don't light..
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Did you set the start bit on the FP module? Open labview, target the FP module. Go to Tools -> Network: Options -> RT Target Miscellaneous and confirm that 'Launch Application at Bootup' is checked.

Also on that screen confirm that:
Application Path = c:\ni-rt\startup\startup.exe
Downloaded vi Path = c:\ni-rt\startup

Lastly, ftp to the FP module and confirm that c:\ni-rt\startup\startup.exe exists and has a correct timestamp.

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Thanks for your response.
I have found the mistake. If the vi is open when I build startup.exe the exe file don't refresh in the field Point. It's easy, but not obvious.
I have another question. I'm trying to connect to the cFP 2010 by Web. I have activated the web server, but it don't works. I try
It's the correct address?
Thanks a lot
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You may want to walk through a KnowledgeBase that is found on the National Instruments web site which explains using remote panels with a Real-Time target. Follow these instructions and I think you should be ok.

Hope this helps.

Patrick R.
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