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using cFp-CTR-502 in a VC++ program

We are developing the software in VC++ 7.0 and using counter channels of Compact FieldPoint module (cFP-CTR-502).

We have following applications:
    1.         We want to measure speed (revolutions per minute).
                 And we want to acquire data continuously at 20 Hz.

We want to measure no of pulses of a known frequency between a start and a stop signal.

The value has to be displayed continuously on the screen.

Please help.

Thanks a lot.

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Hello nals,

What API are you using to develop this program (Datasocket, Fieldpoint)?  Are you using Measurement Studio?  It is important to note that the Measurement Studio Fieldpoint API has been obsoleted as of Fieldpoint 4.1.  In this knowledgebase, there are some general points about using Fieldpoint with Visual C++.  It would be best if you could develop using CVI.  You would also have access to many examples using Fieldpoint with CVI. 

Hope this helps you get started!


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Thanks Laura,
We are using Measurement Studio 7.0 classes for I/O with compact fieldpoint modules.
Hope you have further hints and ideas on the solution to my problem.

Thanks a lot.
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Hello Nals,

I am attaching an example that I found for counter measurements using the obsolete Fieldpoint API for C++.  Please note that it will not work with anything above Fieldpoint 3.0 (Currently we are up to 4.1). 

You may also consider using the DataSocket API in Measurement Studio to communicate with your Compact Fieldpoint system the using OPC server.  This tutorial goes through some of the general details of doing this in VB and C++.   This tutorial gives a overview of communication with Fieldpoint controllers. 

Hope this helps further,


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