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using 8 cFP-RLY-425 with a single cFP controller?

Is it possible to use eight cFP-RLY-425 relay modules with a single cFP controller and an 8 slot backplane?

Also, what is the difference between ETS and RTX versions of LabVIEW Real-Time module?
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Hi Kasra,

There should be no problems using 8 Relay modules with a cFP controller on a 8 slot backplane.

For your system you will need to buy LabVIEW RT ETS, here is a link to the differences between ETS and RTX, and why you will need ETS.

NIUK & Ireland
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Dear James,

It seems that cFP-RLY-425 modules need two slots because their size is double of a normal cFP module.
You say that, it is wrong and they can be pluged in a single slot?
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The cFP-RLY-425 is a double-wide module. However, looking at the picture in the manual, the definition of double-wide is that it takes up both the module slot and the I/O connector slot. For example, Figure 2 in the cFP-RLY-425 manual ( shows a 4 slot backplane with 3 other I/O modules, 3 connector blocks and one cFP-RLY-425. Please note that the power consumption of the cFP-RLY-425 is a 1.45 Watts (page 1 of the manual). This restricts you to no more than 6 cFP-RLY-425 modules on a single backplane. However, this would not leave power for other I/O modules to be in the last two slots. Controllers can supply a maximum of 9 Watts to all connected I/O modules, which is an average of 1.125 Watts per module.

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