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I have searched the site for 3 days and finally found a post titled; "IAK user login and MAX configuration" on 4/21/2009 that asked about the same issue I am having. I am wondering if there is anything new on this topic as I need a solution.


I have installed an application and the NI FP driver suite ver 6.0.11 . I run NI MAX and open my .IAK file, which is located in a common folder/directory along with my application executable. At first I used to hit the "Save" selection but have found since that it makes no difference so for now I do not hit "Save" but simply close MAX. This process is registering the location of my .IAK file somehow, because after this my application runs and communicates with my I/O fine.

The problem comes when I have new station operators log in to the PC that controls my testing operation; the application, which auto starts because it's in the "All Users" startup folder, can't communicate with the I/O.


Running MAX and opening the .IAK file under each new user login then immediately closing MAX fixes the problem and everything is fine, and this process only needs to happen the first time a new user logs in to the PC. The above mentioned post indicates that this is normal behavior. 


The problem is that some of my operators are doing good to find the power button and turn everything on in the morning. The application has no "Exit" facility so "Task Manager" must be used to stop it. Their login information is kept on a post-it in their wallet, and to ask them to open MAX and register the configuration is just too much for them to do - being unfamiliar with the operation to begin with.


Can anyone explain to me how to fix this problem or refer me to a posted solution?


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Hi Dfhotz,


What version of NI MAX are you using? Also, are you using the cFP-1808 that is mentioned in the discussion forum post from 2009?  The KnoweldgeBase article below has some more information on what you are experiencing.


How Can I Share My IAK File Amongst Different Users on the Same Computer?:



Best Regards,


Andy M.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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Hi Andy, thanks for the reply.

I am using version 15.3.0f0 of NI MAX.

I am not using the CFP-1808. I have a FP1000. The problem appears to be the same regardless of the hardware we're talking to.

I have looked at the document you mentioned and had already figured out how to manage the problem in that way.

The issue is that having the end user be responsible for configuring the IO is not an option in my case. It must be automatic for each new user.


On an update note: I have located a registry key in HKCU and a string value that can be used to join the configuration link between users. All I have to do now is automate the creation of this key and value for each new user that logs in to the PC without depending on the user to do anything. I'll post another update when I get it figured out.




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Accepted by topic author Dfhotz

OK - here it is:

This works for me in Windows 7 with FP1000 IO on a serial comm port. Other configurations may or may not be the same in these respects.


While logged in as a priveleged user configure you application to work and communicate with the IO using an IAK file. Create the IAK file through NI MAX.

The registry key of interest here is: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\National Instruments\FieldPoint Explorer\Recent File List]

The string value is: "File1"="C:\ApplicationPath\IOConfigurationFile.IAK"


Start up the registry editor with REGEDT32.EXE and navigate to the key just below SOFTWARE that says National Instruments.

Select the key then right click on it. Select EXPORT , select a path and name the output file.

There will be a lot of other entries but this recent file one is the only one needed.


You will end up with a .REG file with the name you entered that contains the following:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\National Instruments]

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\National Instruments\FieldPoint Explorer]

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\National Instruments\FieldPoint Explorer\Recent File List]


Create a BAT file by the name of your choice. Configure.BAT for example.

This BAT file will reside in your application directory along with your IAK file and it will contain 1 line.


REG IMPORT "C:\ApplicationPath\ConfigurationRegistryExportFile.REG" > rejconfig.log


Place a shortcut to this .BAT file in the "All Users" startup menu.

Any user that logs in will receive this registry update which will allow the IO driver to know how to communicate with your IO.

Substitute your file names appropriately for ApplicationPath, IOConfigurationFile, ConfigurationRegistryExportFile, rejconfig.log. The log file will only be written to in the case of an error.

Good Luck


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