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trouble installing 8.6 on fieldpoint

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Hey Everyone,


I just upgraded a laptop to Labview 8.6 with Real-Time 8.6. For some reason it wont let me install Labview real time 8.6 on our compact fieldpoint device. I reinstalled, twice. Still, when I go to Add/Remove Software and try to install the latest release, it lists RealTime 8.5.1 as the highest available upgrade on the host. Even when I try to do a custom installation, it still lists 8.5.1 as the most recent update. When I go under the my computer > Software tab it lists Realtime 8.6 as installed. 


We have an important test coming and I need help quick.



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What model of Fieldpoint are you trying to upgrade?  I'm pretty sure that the 20xx family is not supported on 8.6.
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That is correct. The 20xx family is not supported for LabVIEW Real-Time 8.6.



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National Instruments
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Are there any plans to support this model in future releases? It is sort of rediculous that they would just stop supporting hardware that really isnt that old.
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Does not look like it will be supported.

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