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stand alone application runs but gets NAN from fieldpoint

The vi runs fine but once an application is built and installed, I get NAN from the fieldpoint TC100 read. I am using Labview 7.0 on XP system. Any suggestions?
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Is the executable standalone on a PC or deployed to the FieldPoint? 
Can the deployed version read/write other FieldPoint I/O?
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This is a stand alone running on a PC. which connects to the FP bank by crossover cable. I am only using the FP read in this instance.
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The NAN reply is probably masking an I/O error.  Make sure that a copy of your .iak file and FPLVMgr.dll is included with your installer and being installed to the correct location on the target PC.
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   Did you error hande the code? It is very essential in debugging the application. Can you verify the path for the ai read. Make sure you save the iak file and use the VI (Configure fieldpoint) that reads the tag values from the IAK file and confirm if the target has specific channel information.

Avi Harjani

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