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separating a 1D array of clusters of 2 elements

I am using the PID Setpoint VI and I would like to be able to enter my set point values on the front page in engineering units, not percentages or voltages.  I am guessing that I have to separate this 1D array of clusters of 2 elements (time, setpoint) and then somehow separate them again to isolate setpoints, put in my conversions to get to percentages (or voltage...still haven't figured out if the PID setpoint vi uses setpoint as a percent or a voltage, which is what i'm outputting to control a pump), and then cluster them back together to be fed into the PID Setpoint VI.  Does anyone know how I can do this?
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The default setpoint corresponds to a percentage of full scale.  You should look at the manual for the PID Toolset.  Specifically, on page 3-14 there is a section called "Converting Between Percentage of Full Scale and Engineering Units."

As far as manually accessing the data in the array of clusters, I'd wire the array into a For loop so that it changes one element with each loop.  Then I would use a bundle or a bundle by name to change the data in each element. Wire that to the outside of the for loop to create the new array.  I attached a simple example

Christopher W.

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