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run out of memory of removable compact flash in cFP 2120

I use a cFP 2120 with embedded application. I store data in a 512 MB removable compact flash, but it seems it is not able to store all the files it would according to their dimentions: i.e. after having saved approximately 50 MB of data it runs out of memory.

I once formatted the flash card on my PC: could this be the cause? Should I format it directly by the cFP itself? How should I do?


Thank you



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Ciao Francesca


You can try formatting the cFP by Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX). The following document explains step by step how to do: KB 3O1CE2C5

A useful suggestion is to monitor the cFP status with the Real-Time System Manager in order to check the device's performance and to monitor memory.


Hope this helps



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Hi Hudson,

thanks for the reply.

The procedure you suggests does the formatting of the internal memory of the cFP, where all the programs and the system files are, not of the removable compact flash, in which I only store data.

For this, I can't find a format command via MAX.


Thank you again,



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An external CARD Reader should do mit. See this KB about the format type and some other notes.



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