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problems with labview 7.1

hi all,
      i had posted this question before but no one replied so i am posting it as a new message.

i am using labview 7.1 and wanna use fp-1000 and fp-tc-120(2 of them) to measure 16 temperature values from t-type thermocouples.

i connected the fieldpoint hardware with labview through RS-232 and also installed fieldpoint 5.01(with support for labview 7.1) in my system. but MAX does not detect the device. why is this happening.  i checked the port settings and they are fine.

if the following info helps then i must mention that a pci-gpib card and a scxi daq system is also attached to my pc. i also made sure that the addresses are different for each one of the hardware devices.

something more, previously i was using labview 8.2 on which the device was working fine. but i had to migrate from one pc to another on which there is labview 7.1 and i cannot install labview 8.2 on this system. so please let me know what to do?
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Hello Kuna,

Looks like your other forum post was replied to. In order to maintain the efficiency and organization of NI Discussion Forums, please refrain from creating duplicate posts in the future.


Emilie | Applications Engineering

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