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how to recovery data from cfp2120

Hi, I have deleted some data by mistake. Is there any way to recovery this data? Thanks.
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   What kind of data? Configuration files of cFP? or an application you deployed to it?

   Once I've tried, in a similar case, to transfer files from a working cFP-2020 to a corrupted one, and it worked. Is this what you need?  Another way should be to re-set IP address of cFP-2120 and reconfigure it from scratch with MAX.  If you haven't deleted basic OS files, this will fix the problem.

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Thanks, graziano. But my case is not related to operation system. The deleted files are pure data which I have collected for the last few weeks. I have tried to use some data recovery software (i.e. easyrecovery) to recover the data. but most of softwares only work for the local drive, not work for the network. I also used some software which requires to install a communication file on the datalogger, however, I was not able to ping back to my laptop. Anyone got experience on it? Thanks a lot!
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Hi wxhlotos,

I'm sorry to hear that you lost your data.  It might be possible to recover it by taking the CompactFlash card out of the cFP-2120, inserting it into an external card reader, and running the recovery software on the created USB drive.  Let me know if this works!
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Yes,you can recover your data with the help of data recovery software.These software will help you to recover your data.I have recentaly face the  problem of data loss due to accidental deletion.I have used Stellar Phoenix data recovery software to recover my data.This software is very easy to use and provides good recovery solution.



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Can you recover back your data using data recovery software?

I agree with Peter that you need to use Flash card reader and use the recovery software to recover your data.

Is it work out.Please let me know.


Syed Ahmad.

Application Engineer.


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I don't think it can work with the normal recovery software, because it is usually designed to recover the data on the main disk or usb disk. I have tried several softwares, but finally all are failed. Since cfp2120 works as a remote ftp, the software cannot detect it. Also later on I have tried to use NetDrive to connect ftp to computer as a disk, it can connet to this ftp, the software can scan the deleted files. However, probably because the data keeps to be logged, the old data cannot be found. then I gave up already. Thanks for everyone's suggestions.
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