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how to acquire values from cFP 1800 using FP Read through RS 232?

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We have an aplication in which there is a provision of Redundancy of the system. By Redundancy i mean to say that i am having one cFP 2120 and a host PC. Both are accquiring the Real Time values from AI module using Shared Variable concept. Each of these variables is binded with a particular channel of AI Module & will acquire the data automatically. Initially when the system is in Ok state, the PC is acquiring the data from cFP 1800 using ethernet. Now suppose the ethernet connection has been lost, at this time the PC will not be able to acquire. At this stage i want my PC to acquire data from cFP 1800 using RS 232. In this case binding of the variable with channel will not be of such use. I think in this case what i can do is to accquire the data from FP READ .vi and update the variable by wiring the variable to each channel.


what else will be the solution. Can any one tell me whether me and my collegue are on a right track or if better solution is there, please share with us.

The move will be highly appreciated.


Thanks & Regards,


Samriddh Sarbalhi 


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You are going in the right direction for creating dual redundancy system for you cFP controller.

This is the link for dual redundancy component system:


I hope this shall help.


Anuj Bhansali


NI India


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No!! this is not the solution!! Because there is buinding enabled which will cause error on the variabe if the connection breaks, which ultimatly don't allow any new value to be updated on the same variable. Even thaugh the previous value will become zero after the communication break happens.... According to me, the value should remain the same even after the communication breaks between controlle and PC..I don't know whether this is a bug or some thing else but it is happening..
Mohit Monga
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