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fp1000 and tempscan

hi all,
      i am new to this forum. could anyone please tell me how to use fp1000 network module and omega omb-tempscan1000 hardware with labview to measure temperature using t-type thermocouples? i am totally new to using labview.  i will appreciate any tutorial links.

i am using fp-1000(network module), fp-tc-120(i/o module) and fp-tb-3(terminal base) for that.

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Hello Kunal,
I am afraid there isn't a quick answer to your question, that I know of. I am not familiar with the omega tempscan, but I am assuming it communicates over RS-485? You can use the fp-1000 to act as a bridge between  RS-232 on your computer and RS-485 communication to other Fieldpoint modules. You might need to call NI regarding the compatiability with third party hardware, like the Omega.
Having the TC-120 module seems a little redundant, as this is the device that would typically accept the thermocouple wires to make the measurments - but you would be doing this with the Omega tempscan right?
can you give us a little more idea of how you want this device connected, and what functions you are looking for?

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  FP-TC-120 is the IO module and FP-TB-3 is the terminal base (thermocouple connections). the io module is installed on to the terminal base. now these two are connected to the network module FP-1000.  this network module communicates with the computer via RS232  nine pin cable. 

is it that labview will detect the hardware once i connect it to the PC?
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The Omega tempscan (I saw it on the Omega website as OMB-TEMPSCAN-1100)  is its own data acquisition system.

So are you going to connect the thermocouples to the TC-120 and read them by way of the the FP-1000 network module?

Or are you going to connect them to the Omega tempscan and read them by way of RS-232 or RS-422?

It would be one way or the other.

Labview won't automatically detect the hardware either way.  Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) would detect the FP network module when you search for remote systems.  You would have to right some code in Labview with fieldpoint read VI's to do something with the data.  For the Omega tempscan, you will have to write even more code to be able to read the data into the computer's serial port.

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yes i am going to connect the thermocouples but not exactly to the FP-TC-120(which is the io module) but to the FP-TB-3 (terminal base) which is connected to the IO module and yes these two combine connect to the FP-1000 network module and then i can read the data by way of RS 232 in a pc? thats what my plan.

i plan to use the Omega tempscan too because i have only 16 temperature channels available with the field point hardware and i have more no of thermocouples to measure the temperature so i plan to use the omega tempscan 1000 too because thats the hardware we have available in the lab.

i plan to use RS232 to read the data because i have those cables available with me.
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is this what i need for using omb-tempscan with labview.  i found it on omega website.

if yes please let me know how to use it?
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That FTP site looks like it should help.  They had a directory of example programs written in Basic.  By studying them, you should be able to figure out what commands to issue to the instrument and how to parse the data it sends back.  Then you will be able to replicate them in Labview using serial read and write commands.
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