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firm ware of fp 2010

how to upgrade the firmware of FP-2010
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Hi mazhar.ali,

Which versions of Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) and FieldPoint do you have installed?  You can find out by opening MAX, expanding the Software category under My System, and clicking on Measurement and Automation Explorer and FieldPoint, respectively.  If you have a MAX version 3.1.x or greater, you can follow the instructions here.  When you get to the LabVIEW Real-Time Software Wizard, click the "Update BIOS..." button to update the firmware.  Hope this helps!
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can u tell me about iak file

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Hi mazhar.ali,

Do you have a specific question regarding IAK files?  IAK files store the configuration of a FieldPoint unit and its modules.  You can edit the contents of an IAK file through Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) or your FieldPoint project.  Please refer to this KnowledgeBase article titled Which IAK File Does LabVIEW Use to Get Information Regarding My FieldPoint Configuration? to clear up any issues you may encounter with IAK files.
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