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connection to remote device timed out

The connection from my computer to the FP-1600 module is through a hub and two cat-5 cables.  Able to see the device under the "Remote Systems" tree, the device name is its IP.  I used my computer's own IP as the Time Server. A "The Connection to a Remote Device Timed Out" error message appears when I clicked on Find Devices. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hello Yuen,

Is the status LED on your FP-1600 blinking?  If so, how many times?

Try connecting directly to your FP-1600 via a cross-over ethernet cable.  Configure the IP address, then attach the controller to a hub.  See if you are able to find the devices then.

Let me know your results.

Sean C.

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thanks. Sean. Problem solved.
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