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compact fieldpoint rebooting question

I have a cFP-2100 and LabVIEW RT 8.0.  I do not have the LabVIEW application builder.  I was wondering, is there a way for the controller to reboot itself incase of a power outage or if the device somehow becomes unplugged? 
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If you are continuously sending/receiving data between the host and the FieldPoint target, and during some specified period of time you do not get any response, you could programmatically reboot the FieldPoint controller as described in the following document: How Do I Programmatically Reboot My Ethernet FieldPoint Controller?

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I am not going to have the host be running.  The Fieldpoint target will run on it's own and I need a way to reboot it or have it reboot itself in case of a power outage.
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