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cfp-ao-210 more voltage

Hi all,

  I am new to CFPs. I used cfp-ao-210 to give analog votage outputs, but I wanted the voltage to exceed the maximum 10V up to 20V. Just wondering is there any ways to do it? Can I use two channels connected in a series to do that? (the current is not a concern in this case as long as the voltage output is right) Thank you guys.




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Hi there,


You will not be able to connect in series or otherwise be able to output 20V using the AO-210 withouta switch or relay in addition to the module.  The internal ADC gets the input voltage down to 10V and there's no way around getting more than that out of it.


Check out some of our relay Compact FieldPoin modules, which could be helpful depending on your application: cFP-RLY-421, 423, and 425.


Also, do you need to step between 10V and 20V?  Or do you simply need 20V even?  Our Digital Output modules such as the cFP-DO-400 all have logic levels of 24V or 30V, if that might be helpful.



Ryan C.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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