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cfp-2120 serially trasmit IO module data

We have a  cFP-2120 with AO, DO, DI, and AI modules connected.
All work fine.  Using Ethernet communications.
Can apply a voltage on the AI and do a FP Read ala the example Analog
Receive expected measurement.
Curious if its possible to alternatively do this with a serial connection.
Can I send an FP Read through serial connection and read back the resulting IO module channel value through the same serial connection?
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To connect the serial port of a cFP-20xx device to the serial port on a computer, you will need to use a null modem cable. This is a serial cable that reverses the wiring of the Tx and Rx pins between both ends.  From a programming perspective, you will need two applications. The first, running in the cFP-20xx will transmit the data. The second is on the host computer to receive the data.

I hope this helps,


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What's the difference between the way the cFP-2120  and the FP-1000 communicate?
I have an old application from another programmer that uses the FP-1000.
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Wes_OH - the FP-100x (As well as the cFP-180x) are not "intellegent" controllers, meaning you cannot run LabVIEW RT on the controller.  You read data from the 100x to your PC over a serial connection.  The RT controllers (like your 2120) do not send data over the serial port, they publish their I/O over Ethernet.  The serial port on the 2120s are available so your embedded application can utilize the port for serial communication, it is not intended to be used the same way as a FP-1000 or cFP-180x serial port.

You may still be able to use the FP-1000 application with your 2120, it depends on how the FP-1000 application was written.  Is it a LabVIEW application?  Is it using the Optomux VIs to communicate with the 1000?  Or is it using the FieldPoint Write and Read VIs?  If you are using the Optomux VIs, then you cannot reuse the application because the 2120 does not have a Optomux server running on it.  If you are using the FieldPoint Read and Write VIs, then there is a good chance you can reuse that application because those VIs support Optomux (over serial) and Ethernet communication (for the 2120) depending on the I/O Point you are trying to communicate with.

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The legacy application was written in LabVIEW and uses FP Read/Write.


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You will have to setup a new IAK file that has all your I/O on the 2120 system, and then configure each I/O control in the legacy application to use the cFP-2120 I/O Points instead of the FP-1000 I/O Points.  As long the application is not doing any special serial calls in the G code, you should be able to reuse that application.

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