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cFP status led - stays lit solid red!

I have a problem with a cFP-2120 RT controller where the red LED status light stays lit.  On the instruction manual it says that the unit was not powered up correctly and to contact NI.  The controller used to work fine until we had a short on the mains side of the power supply The AI, AO and thermocouple modules did not power up but the DI and DO modules seemed to be getting power.  Is there anything we can do or just send it back for repairs.  When I replaced the controller with another one, the system worked fine and the status LED turned off after a few seconds.
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Sounds like you've proven that the controller is bad.  Next step is an RMA from NI.  Make sure NI tells you what failed in the controller and see if they will comment on what might have caused it.   The idea being to see if you can do anything to prevent this failure in the future.


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Thanks, I'll make sure not to repeat the same mistake again!
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