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cFP-TC-120 not recognized in certain slots

Hello, there is a problem that I encountered and I would like to post it.


Here is my equipment:

I have 1 cFP-2020-RealTimeController, 1 cFP-BackPlane-8 , 2 cFP-TC-120 8channels, 4 cFP-DO-401 16channels & 1 cFP-DI-304 32channels.


The PIN No 20 of Slot 1 of the BackPlane-8 has been broken and removed.

No module TC-120 can measure temperatures when they are plugged in Slots 3 & 4. (They measure 0 degrees Celcius for all channels despite the fact that all thermocouples are connected.) When they are plugged in Slots 1 & 2, they measure all temperatures.

Furthermore, the DO-401 works fine on Slots 3 & 4 and the DI-304 cannot see channel 20 when it is plugged in Slot 1.


After these tests I could say that the module TC-120 does not require PIN No 20 to work properly, but why it cannot work in the other slots ?


What is more, Slot 5 cannot be recognized by MAX, no matter which module is plugged in it.

I must also say that a small piece of wire had fallen in CB's Slot 5 of the BackPlane-8 and the module that was plugged there could not power on. After removing this piece of wire the module was eventually powered on, but the Slot 5 cannot any more be recognized by MAX.


Moreover, there had been a short circuit in Channel 0 of a DO-400 that was plugged in Slot 4 and this channel does not work any more. This may affected the BackPlane.


Any ideas of what causing these malfunctions?

Does the BackPlane cause these problems?


Thank you in advance.



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Hi nikosfs,


To be honest with you, it sounds like you system has undergone some major damage.   You find more information in your equipment manuals to determine which pins are used in which modules.  When the back plane was shorted, this could have caused damage to not only the backplane, but also any modules connected to it.   You might want to consider replacing the system or sending it to National Instruments for repair. 


Best Regards,


Starla T. 

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