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cFP-SG-140 update rate

Hello All
We have a challange to control 14 load cells within a Packing machine.
The machine have to respond in less then 50 ms to all the 14 weights changes.
cFP have an Analog Input cFP-SG-140 modual, but it's Update rate is 0.90 - 1.15 "s".
Is it mean that the modual updates reading only in about 1 second ?!
If yes, dose anybody know other hardwere which can take the challange ?

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You are right, our FP modules have an update rate of 0.90 - 1.15sec. We also have other products like the NI SCC-SG Series -- Strain Gauge Input family They have a 4.6 KHz low pass filter and the "update rate" will be determined by the DAQ board you will be using. To use these modules you will also need an SC-2345. Please let me know if you are interested in more information about this or if you have any additional questions.


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I meant to say a 1.6KHz lowpass filter... sorry.
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Hellow LA
Thanks, We Have no experience using SCC-SG Series , or SCXI Series (with it's 1520 Strain Gauge Input Module).
The actual Challenge is in the field of Industry Automation, and we are not sure the both Series can manage the Challenge, in the scpoe of reliability, working 24/7 in the Factory environment.
More information will welcome !

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The website is the most comprehensive source of info. Do you have any specific questions? The SCXI systems are designed to be robust and handle a rough environment. Let me know if you have any specific questions. Have a Great Day!

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