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I have the following hardware and software.


- cFP-2220

- cFP-DIO-550

- LabView 8.6


I'm using the digital output vi from the example of LabView 8.6.  This exampel vi works with the cFP-DIO-550.  However, because the example has 16 channels and the cFP-DIO-550 only has 8, I can only toggle the last 8 channels from the digital ouput vi screen.  How can I reduce or reconfigure to change from 16 to 8 channels on the vi to make it work?





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Could you post the VI you're talking about, or the name of the example and what folder it's in? It would help to be able to see what you're referring to. This may be something where you need to change how the module is being referenced, or you may simply need to adjust the front panel. It's hard to tell though without knowing what code you're working with.

Miles G.
National Instruments
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Attached is the example vi that I'm using.  It can also be found in Labview 8.6.  Thanks.


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Right click on the array and choose the option Set Size.  Change it from 16 to 8.


I did not realize such a thing as a "Fixed Size Array" existed.  I have no idea how to create it from scratch, but it seems to be related to FPGA programming.  I have no idea why an example for Fieldpoint would have required a fixed size array control.

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When I set the dimension from 16 to 8, it only grayed out the last 8 of the 16 D/Os (They look like toggle switches on my vi panel) and the first 8 D/Os still show up.  As for the control, I can only toggle the last 8 D/Os when the vi program is running.


Thanks for helping.

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I have created a vi that's able to read one of the digital inputs of a cFP-DIO-550 and turns on a digital output to energize a 24VDC external mechanical relay.  My question is the relay would stay on even the vi is stop running and digital input is disconnected.  What can I do to make the relay goes off as soon as the vi is stop running?





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After your loop ends, have a digital write that sets the channel to False, then allow your VI to end.

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Can you elaborate more on that or give an example?  Thanks.

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I believe he is referring to inserting an additional FieldPoint write after the loop with a constant array full of falses. This would turn all of your digital outputs off after you finish your loop. I've inserted a picture of this below. 



Miles G.
National Instruments
Staff Applications Engineering Specialist
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Finally got a chance to try it out works. 


Thank you all so much for helping.



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