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cFP-DIO-550 open multiple input and output at the same time

I am trying to read and write at different times with the cFP-DIO-550.  I cant figure out how to read all the inputs at the same time.

In the Create, I cant figure what to wire to the Item Name input.  I have tried Input 0, and that works, but it is only one input, I need to read all 8.  I have also tried Input All, All, Input 0:8. input 0-8, input 0: Input 8, Input 0 - Input 8, and I always get an error.

I cant find anything on it in the manual.


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What version of LV are you running?

Message Edited by centerbolt on 08-23-2007 11:28 AM

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LV 8.2.1



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Normally I would select 'All' using a FP IO point function instead of create tag ( LV 7.0 and up ).   I have noticed that the 'All' is only available if the module is all inputs or all outputs.  It may be that since your module is an IO, 'All' is not available by default. 

I think you need to create an item in MAX in the Data Neighborhood under the DIO-550 Module and configure it to use all the IO on the module.

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Thanks, it worked.  I had to create an Item, with all the inputs/outputs selected, and then use the constant.  I was not able to use the create

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