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cFP-DIO-550 Won't Power Up

I just installed a new cFP-DIO-550 module in my compact Fieldpoint system.  The unit was tested yesterday and performed perfectly.  Today, upon booting up the system, I notice that the DIO-550 module won't power up.  When I connect power, all the status LEDs on the module flash dimly, then go out.  All the other modules are working fine.  I know there's a firmware issue in the knowledgebase similar to this one, but it only applies to Rev. D and earlier, while mine is Rev. E.  How can I resolve this issue?

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Suggest you move the cFP-DIO-550 to a different slot on the backplane and double check any power supply connections/voltages to the module.  If it still doesn't work, it's most likely a case of infant mortality and you'll need to contact NI.

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I've moved the module to several different backplane slots and paired it with a known good connector block.  Still having the same problem.  I'll contact NI and see what they have to say.
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Hi MrFisher,

Could you please let me know if this issue has been resolved after speaking with NI? Thank you.

Best regards,

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Yes, after contacting NI, they're taking the unit back for repairs.  It seems to be a case of infant death.
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