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cFP-CTR-500 32 bit Cascaded Counter

I have a cFP-CTR-500 with unused counter inputs and need to count pulses from an encoder for more than 16 bits.  (I'm currently using counter inputs 0 and 1 to measure frequency of the encoder.)  Is there a way to cascade the counters to create a 32 bit counter?  I found Cascade Counter but am having difficulty converting the concept from FieldPoint.  (I'm not familiar with FP)   I also need the cascaded counters to be resettable.  I'm under a very tight schedule so example code to import into my project would be much appreciated.  I'm using LV 2011 but can upgrade to 2012.





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Simple search turned up this.  Should work for the cFP-CTR-500 as well.

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