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cFP-AO-200 Analog output module (Error -33180) !!

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Hello everyone


I'm using the cFP 1808 Bank along with other input modules like AI-111 and AI-110 ,I recently bought a AO-200 Module to output currents in the range from 4-20 mA ,I connected the module to the bank and updated the device from the MAX Software ,then I opened the Getting Started/Analog from the examples in the Labview 2011 in order to test the card ,the VI returns an error with the code -33180 to me ,I don't know what's wrong ,but i tested the card with the MAX and wrote values to it successfully.


Can anybody tell me what's wrong with my VI



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Post your VI so we can see what you are doing.


Did you read the error description for that error code?

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I was able to reproduce your error. You have to select "All" as Field Point IO Point for this vi.

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