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cFP-2220 with LV7.1

I recently purchased a cFP-2220 controller. I am running LabVIEW 7.1, the controller shipped with Fieldpoint 6.0.1.


I had Fieldpoint 5.0.1 installed - it could not see the controller. So, I installed 6.0.1 - the controller was visible with an IP of, as normal and allowed me to configure the IP. However, now I don't have support for LabVIEW Realtime 7.1.


All of my code and tools are built in Realtime 7.1 and I don't want to be forced into switching to 8.x. Is there a way to get my controller to work with Realtime 7.1? 


Note: I have not had this issue with the cFP-2120 controllers that I had been using.

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I found this on the NI site.


Looks like you will be forced to upgrade.  One thing to note, LV 8.6 does not support the cFP-20xx family of controllers. 

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Thanks for the info...


Looks like NI is really pushing 8.6. It's rediculous that they won't continue to support 7.1, just so they can sell more copies of 8.6. The new series of controllers won't even run on 8.2! 


The other alternative is to pay more for a slower cFP-21xx controller - thanks for the great support NI...

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Remember that the new cFP-2220 runs on a new and different real time operating system.  So the old Fieldpoint drivers won't work with it.  And it isn't fair to expect NI to upgrade a version of LabVIEW that is 4 iterations and 4 years old to work with new hardware and a new driver that didn't exist back then.
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Yes, Ravens Fan is right it is just technical impossible to support new RT operating systems for old LabVIEW development versions. The data sheet for the 22xx cFP controller clearly states that LabVIEW 8.5 or later is required.

You have two options from here. Talk to your sales representative to change to a 21xx series controller or upgrade to LV 8.6.



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