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cFP-2120 with AO-210 error 32812

Using cFP-2120 controller with AO-210 Analog Output module.
Attempting to use example VI (Analog Out) to demonstrate usage of hardware.
Used MAX to Find Devices with no problem.
Saved Fieldpoint info using Tools/Fieldpoint Data/Save As
Receive error indicating the the 2120 did not receive the configuration file.
Ran FTP and logged into the 2120.
The fpbank.ini file is in place with the correct timestamp in the /ni-rt/system directory
Downloaded and viewed in Notepad.
Appears fine.
Using a Labview project.
The Analog is loaded in the project.
The cFP-2120 and connected banks are recognized.
Browse to select the bank/channel.
Run the VI and receive the 32812 error.
What am I missing here?
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Wes_OH -

Every LabVIEW project has its own FieldPoint configuration associated with it.  So in your case, you had an IAK configuration file with the correct information you created from MAX, but the IAK file for your LabVIEW project was empty.  If you run a FieldPoint VI outside of a project context, then the IAK configuration saved from MAX will be used.

You should add the FieldPoint hardware to your project configuration - you can do this by importing your IAK configuration file you saved in MAX, into the LabVIEW project.  Do this by right clicking on the project root and selecting "Import >> FieldPoint Configuration", and browsing for the IAK file you saved from MAX.  Alternatively, you can right click on your project root and select "New >> Targets and Devices..." and manually add the hardware to your project, similar to what you already did in MAX.

Hope this helps.

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The VI does work outside of the project, so I'm seeing the difference.
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