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cFP 2120 I/O

Hi, I control a cFP 2120 through the use of a dedicated laptop. I cobbled together a VI to control a pump and take some measurements. First, I tested the VI without the cFP in the system by connecting the pump, etc. directly to the laptop. This worked very well and my data files were complete.


When I put the cFP in the system, I still get control through the front panel that appears on the laptop, but when the program terminates, I get an error message about the path to the data file. The path is on the laptop and the VI cannot find the file. I'm certain that I'm making a simple mistake here. How do I get the VI to pass the data back to the file on the laptop?





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You will need to create a communication mechanism between the cFP and the laptop which acts as your host computer.  You may want to use FTP, TCP/IP, shared variables, .....  This would probably mean you need to write another VI that is hosted on your laptop to be the receiving and saving and of the data.
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           RavensFan is right. There is a couple of ways to do this. Either you can use TCP/IP, Datasocket, or Shared Variables to pass data back to the host computer and then log the data there or you can log the file to the flash memory on the cFP. From your message I think you are doing the second option. You need to make sure that you are referencing the correct file path on the cFP to where you are writing your log file. Here is a great article on the differenct paths possible. Let us know if this fixes the problem.

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