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cFP 2110 - Status led flashing continously

I'm running into problem with a cFP 2110.
During the debugging of my RT application on the cFP, I get an error message "Host IP address not in the access list". At this time, I was unable to download any application to the cFP. the VI server IP access list was configured with *. So all the IP address can access to the cFP.
I found a procedure on the ni web site to reset the system.
-Set to safe mode
-ftp the cFP and delete all the file
-Remove the safe mode.
It means that there is no more OS or LabVIEW RT on the system.
Now, When I restart the cFP, the Status led is flashing continously (1 flash / 1.5s) and I don't have access anymore to the cFP in MAX.. Can some one help me on this case ? .
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Hi Poussin,

I would recommend flipping the Reset IP dip switch (dip switch 7).  This should get the controller to show up in Measurement and Automation Explorer(MAX) as  If you can't see the controller, you may want to try turning off your firewall.  Often computer firewalls will prevent customers from seeing unconfigured controllers in MAX. 

Once you find your controller, you can flip the reset IP dip switch back to the off position and reset the IP address.  For more information on this, click on your FieldPoint controller in MAX that will be displayed as  In the MAX help that appears on the right, click on the link titled, "Configure Network Settings."  If you need assistance choosing an IP address, please look at this KnowledgeBase

Once you have assigned an IP address to the controller, the status light should stop blinking once.   You will then need to install software. 

Here is a general document that describes how to assign an IP address and install software.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Ching P.
DAQ and Academic Hardware R&D
National Instruments
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