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cFP 2000


I am working on project which use cFP 2000 controller with backplane having 8 slots.

I have to control 4 RS 232 serial devices using cFP 2000.


I have problem regarding controlling RS 232 devices.



Is it possible to increase the number of serial port using some connector block.

If yes could you please let me know the name of that connector block.


I will be very thankful for your help.

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there is no connector block available which will give you the desired functionality.


Your Controller has got one RS232 Port (the cFP2010 has two and the cFP2020 has three RS232 Ports).


A possible solution would be to use the CompactRIO System.

There are four port RS232 - modules available for this system.


If you have further questions feel free to contact the responsible field representative.


I hope i could help you and wish you a nice day!




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There might be a way to do this using a RS232 switch as found here .  You would only be able to talk to one device at a time.

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Hi Wayne.C, 


Thanks for ur reply.But can I develop the control panels/interfaces of the devices in LabView by using this RS232 switch?






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Sure you can use it in LabVIEW.


You will just have to add additional code that handles the special escape codes listed in the manual for switching between the various ports.

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Be aware cFP2000 is no longer suported with new version of LV and does not suport shared variable. With switch, you will be able to comunicate with four 232 devices virtualy simultaneously if they are slow devices with small amount of data to transfer, but you'll need some experience to get it running. Do you have option to communicate with your serial devices via 485 bus? with simple converter 232/485 you can communicate with in most cases 31 serial devices over single RS232 port.

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