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cFP-1808 alternative

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I am trying to figure out if there are any alternatives to a cFP-1808. Will a cFP-2210 with an 8 slot back plane work exactly the same or is there some difference in the 1808? From what I gather that it will function the same but am not sure.


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Yes. cFP-2210 can do more than 1808.

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Note that FieldPoint and cFP are mature products and may no longer be sold or supported by NI.



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Thanks AK2DM, that's actually why I was asking. We specialize in providing obsolete/legacy NI products and I have a client who's forced to used the old system until they can perform an upgrade. We were able to utilize the cFP-BP-8 and a controller which I believe was the cFP-2210. So it all worked out! 


- Jason Goodman, Apex Waves LLC 

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Thank you! I marked it as an Accepted Solution because this in fact worked (and was actually better for our end user, they were happy). 

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