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[c]FP-SG-140 converting measurements from mV/V to microstrain


with reference to FP-SG-140 and cFP-SG-140 - 323346A-01-october 2002 document


1) i think the equation given on page 9 relative to the quarter-bridge configuration is wrong, you can read the NI application Note 078, the equation is not correctly applicable and leads to incorrect results

2) the equation on page 9 relative to the half-bridge configuration can be applied only in the case of two sg (+epsilon) (-epsilon) but not in the case of two sg (+epsilon) (- ni * epsilon) ni = poisson coefficient


I think that it is better not to include this examples without good specification of use because may lead to erroneous results (obviously if if one does not read NI application Note 078, or a good book on measurements using strain gauges)


sincerely yours


field engineer
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Hello guido, 


thank you very much for your attention. 


We will review the document and and will correct the points that may not be so clear.


Thank you again for your interest,

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