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building VI for data acquisition

we are using the FP-AI-110, FP-TC-120 and FP-1000, FP-1001 network modules with LabVIEW for data logging for our experiment. I think it would be more convenient for us if there are example VI programs available for reference.
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If you install the FieldPoint software (3.0.2 version for LabVIEW 6.1 user and 4.0.1 version for LabVIEW 7 user) you will also install example programs in LabVIEW.
Then if you open the example programs in LabVIEW, there will be a folder with example programs for analog input that you can use with the FP-TC-120 and FP-AI-100.

You can donwload the appropriated version of FieldPoint software from the following location:

I hope it helps

Best Regards

Andre Oliveira
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