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bind channel diadem not SQL




I'm using DIAdem + Labview connectivity VI's to produce reports. The data is stored on a MySQL DB. No problems here.



I use the "Run automation" with the following command SQL_BindChannel("CHANNEL_X" , "Value" , "n") to pass the data stored in field "Value" to channel CHANNEL_X. So far so good.


Then DIAdem generates the graphic report nicely.


Now i would like to add some some data to the graphic report, think of it as Upper and Lower limits. how can I do it? I want to pass a constant value


Kind of:


BindChannel("upperlimit", "5.5","n")... My problem is that I don't know the syntax to do it.


Thanks in advance, Alex



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You need to post this to the Diadem board.  I don't think you'll get much help in the Fieldpoint board.
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