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Would the Internet Toolkit allow Dials/Meters to connect to FieldPoint Web Services

I would like to put Dials and Meters in a Web Service on a FieldPoint Web Server. Is this possible ?
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This is more of a LabVIEW Real-Time questions and I am not entirely sure what your main goal is but I'll comment some on how it works. The new LabVIEW Real-Time web services feature allows you to host a webpage on your Real-Time  controller and have it interact with a VI running on the controller. You can have whatever controls you want on your VI and have the web page "read" them. You are responsible for creating the web page that interacts with the VI running on the controller so you can have whatever dials and meters you want as long as you know how to program it. You might check out this article for additional information.

Eric A.
National Instruments
Distributed I/O Product Support Engineer
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