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Why is Labview running so slowly on our Compact Fieldpoint?

Latley Labview has been running extremely slowly.  Running an old VI with no delay between data samples use to output too quickly to see.  Now, with no delay, there is a 1.3-1.5 second delay and other timing is erroneous even though debugging shows the VI is running as expected.

To me it seems there is a problem with the Compact Fieldpoint.  Browsing MAX didn't lead to any great insight into the problem either.  Attached are some VIs we run.

The computer's CPU load is not even 25% and the network usage is below 1% when a VI is active.

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   Did you move from Labview 7.1 to 8.5? I've found many people complaining about performance...

   If this is not the case, did you changed something on your VI? Did you upgrade FieldPoint drivers?

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We've been using Labview 8.2 as long as I can remember.  I don't remember ever upgrading the Fieldpoint drivers.

The VI had been tweaked but the point of trying the old VI ( was to compare it to a known.  That known turned out to also now function very slowly.  That is why I thought it was a Compact Fieldpoint issue.
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I did figure out where the problem was.  An external VI has a default time that returned to its default after a computer restart.  Altering that timing reduced the cycle time to an acceptable level.
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