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Why do I get Error 32812?

I wrote a VI, which worked perfectly.

After addressing the cFP from the network instead of from the PC, some Read tags gave Error 32812.

For one of them I deleted them and wrote them again, and the error was recovered. But then it appeared for another module.

From MAX I can perfectly read the channels. I also tried to "find items" again.

What could be the reason and the cure?




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Dear Francesca,

quite a few documents exist on your problem.

I'd start checking into them.

You can use the keyword 32812in the "seach"  field in and find 


Why Do I Get Error -32812 When I Read or Write to a cFP-180x from a cFP-2xxx?


Why Do I Get Error 32812 From Some FieldPoint Modules But Not Others?


Error 32812 From FieldPoint VIs



Best regards  

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