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Where does a VI go when deployed to a FieldPoint controller?

When I deploy a VI to a FieldPoint target, where does it go to? Looking at the FP's files (via FTP), I assumed it would be inside "c:\ni-rt\labview data", but even after I deploy the VI and it is running, I can't find any files there.
Also, I used the "Current VI's Path" tool to tell me its path and it says it is "c:\ni-rt\startup", but I still cannot find anything there...
Thanks for any help.
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When you deploy an application to Fieldpoint an executable called startup.exe is created in
C:/NI-RT/STARTUP; all of the .vis run from in there.  Do you have the startup.exe file?

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No, Matt.

There is absolutely nothing in that directory even after I've successfully deployed several VI's. I really appreciate if you could give me any suggestions of what to do here.

Thanks a lot.


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When you deploy a VI to an RT target from the LabVIEW development environment, it is transfered to RAM memory on the target and is not actually stored on the target's file system. Even though it isn't actually stored on disk, it still needs to think it was loaded from disk somewhere so that functions like "Current VI's Path" will still work. The path is configurable in the Miscellaneous Properties Page of the target. It defaults to "c:\ni-rt\startup" because that is the default location for startup applications.
-JR A.
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Sorry; I thought you were building an executable, not just running from the dev. system.  JR A. got it right.
Are you expecting to create something that will still be there when you reboot the Fieldpoint?

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Thanks, JR A.

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Thanks, Matt.

Yes, I do want it to stay there and run continuously in the future. Does that mean that I really need to build an executable?
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Yes, you will have to build an executable if you want the Fieldpoint to automatically start running your program when it is rebooted.
By default it is called startup.exe and you can find it just as you thought with ftp.  If you just download your program from the dev.
system as you are doing it will continue to run when you disconnect (if you exit that way) but your program won't be there if the
Fieldpoint unit is rebooted.

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Actually you can set a VI to start when your LabVIEW Real-Time target boots and it is described in KB 3TFFQLQS. But if you have application builder a startup executable is recommended because it is easier to set up and gives you additional functionality such as the ability to do remote debugging. For info on building a startup exe check here: Building a Stand-Alone Real-Time Application
-JR A.
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Thanks JR A.  Nice feature.  Not quite worth switching to 8.x, but I'll keep it in mind 😉

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