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What kind of voltages/watts in instrumentation does a CFP suuport?

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I'm thinking ahead to the various transducers that I will need for my application. Just wondering what kind of instrument volatges/watts are supported...
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Accepted by topic author Kerouwhack

Hi Kerouwhack-

The answer to your question will depend on the cFP I/O modules that you choose for your application. But here's where you can find that information:

1. Go to the following link and select the module that best meets your needs: Compact FieldPoint I/O Modules
2. From the module's product webpage, click on the Data Sheet link and view the Specifications section of the PDF
3. You can also click the Resources tab and then select Manuals for a detailed description and operating instructions for each module

Hope this helps!

Drew Pierce | District Manager, Central Texas | National Instruments
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