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VI program to log from fieldpoints

 Hi All,

I'm trying to learn how to program and log data using NI fieldpoints and VI programs. I know fieldpoints are outdated but we have a complete set of fieldpoint modules in our factory without being used. This was used by our engineers long back and know one know how to use it properly. As of now the monitoring is done by creating a new trace under the citadel database in NI Max. I know this is not the proper way to log data and we always have issue with time sync.


Can someone guide me to a thread or a tutorial on where to start. All I need is to create a VI programm to monitor and log the some temperatures from the field point module every 10 secs or so. The module is FP-TC-120 and its connected to the FP-2015 ethernet controller and then to our computer. System runs (barely) windows XP with labview 2012 on it. 

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