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Update cFP-2010 embedded executable without LV

Hello everyone,
I would like to update the embeded executable on a cFP-2010 controller (using LV7.1 and RT7.1). The issue is that the cFP is on a remote location (I am in Australia, the unit is on a maching in the US). The cFP is connected to a host PC which has NI-MAX installed, but does not have LV (due to licencing issues). As I would like to upgrade the executable on the cFP without having a PC which has LV, where I could just get someone to use the App Builder, can anyone suggest a method to update the executable on the cFP without LV?
I have tried to simply replace the STARTUP folder by copying it using a ftp through windows explorer, but i have run into a bag of troubles using this method.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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You didn't say what the trouble with ftp was but my guess is that you couldn't
delete/overwrite startup.exe.  Try renaming the file then deleting the renamed file.
FTP in the new file and reboot the fieldpoint controller (assuming that everything
else in the node i.e. ip, startup flag, etc. is the way you want it).

Let us know if the problem is something else.

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If you can ftp to the unit you can also probably connect to the unit in LabVIEW (i.e. set the execution target to the
unit) from your remote PC. I have done this successfully to a cFP2020 connected to a XPHome PC which
has a dial-in network connection configured. I simply dial up the PC, and set the execution target to the local
IP address of the fieldpoint. At 28kbaud, the download is slow (and there are spurious "not responding" error
messages during download which I simply ignore), but it works just like I am there. I can also load MAX, find the
remote fieldpoint, and diddle with it to my heart's content.

Caveat's: Internet security firewalls can interfere and must be configured to allow you the appropriate network
access through the local PC. Also, a dial-up may be too show for the LabVIEW front-panel connection to keep
up if the front-panel is much beyond bare-bones.

But there is no reason why you must have a full-blown LabVIEW development system connected locally  to the
fieldpoint to build and install an application on it. You just need a way of establishing a network connection to
it. Out-of-the-box XP dial-up connections work satisfactorily, as my own experience demonstrates.

Bob Miller

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Thanks Bob. That definetly sounds do-able. I'll give it a try and let you know of the results.
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