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Up to 500DIO

Hi everybody,
I want to acquire up to 500 DInput ( alarms) distributed on a big factory and then to display them on a front panel. I want to know which is the best DAQ to choose. I selected the 4 NI-PCI 7813 R but the problem is that can the PC support all these cards?or it's better to choose the cFP.I don't want to know what are the parameters that permitt to choose the right DAQ technology.
Thank you
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I'm sure a PC could handle 4 PCI cards if you have that many open slots.  I could not find any info on an NI-PCI 7813R other than one other link in the discussion forums.  Is this still a valid NI part?
I would recommend you go with compact Fieldpoint.  You said you have the input points distributed over a big factory.  Rather than runnin 500 pairs of wires from all over the place to a single PC, it would be better to network compact Fieldpoint network modules together.  Scatter the network modules around strategically so that you can concentrate your inputs to specific locations and only have to worry about a handful of network wires to run to your host PC.  Modules such as the cFP-DI304 offer 32 inputs.  Youd could put up to 8 of those on a single 8 slot backplane.  Then you only need two backplanes.
But depending on the layout of the factory, it may make more sense to use several backplanes and only put as many modules as needed for the particular location where the backplane will be.
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Hi Ravens,

Thank you for replying to my thread. Nevertheless, when I want to build a cFP system with the cFP Advisor, I don't find the Network modules in the chart of the cFP components or accessories.Since, I am a new user of NI products , I want to know if there is any web link showing how to build a system like I have the intention to build.

Thank you

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Take a look at these links.  for the cfp-1804 or 1808  (on this page the network module is under distributed I/O)
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Hi Sihem,
In order to see the compact FieldPoint network controller in the Advisor, follow this link, choose Compact FieldPoint Advisor and then Start Building Your System. Under the Controller tab and the Distributed I/O tab, choose the NI cFP-180x. You may then choose modules to add to this system. If you would like to speak with an NI representative about FieldPoint, you may create a service request at Thanks for choosing National Instruments!
Amanda Howard
Americas Services and Support Recruiting Manager
National Instruments
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