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Toolkit to read the channel of FieldPoint module

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Hello everybody

I have one problem,,, I'm programming for a module FieldPoint 1000. But I can not use the function that reads the channel of the module, because I have not installed the Toolkit for this module.


My question is: What toolkit should I install that allows me to use the FieldPoint (to read the FieldPoint channel)?


Thanks for the help

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Accepted by topic author diegofernando8891

Hi diegofernando8...,


To use fieldpoint you will need LabVIEW Real-time module and Filedpoint software driver.

You said you use Fieldpoint 1000, what LV version you use? I ask because Fieldpoint 1000 only work until LabVIEW 8.5 and prior.


Best Regards,


Abel Souza

Applications Engineering

Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer - CLAD

National Instruments Brazil

Abel Souza
Engenheiro Eletrônico
LabVIEW User since 8.5
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Thanks for your help,


I'm using lv2009. I am going to try with the FieldPoint driverbecause real-time module I have it installed.

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Thanks for the suggestions.
Just I have already installed the RT and also the FieldPoint driver on 32-bits LV2009. and I can access the FieldPoint palette functions.


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